Nothing beats the natural, smooth taste of a properly brewed, carefully nutured, wonderfully balanced beer!  This year we have over 30, of varying styles, for you to try.  Perhaps you'll learn to love something new to you? Go on, give them a try - you know you want to!

Pale Ale - This golden ale is hopped with nine different types of Kent bred hops in a total of nine separate additions. ABV 4%.

Golden Ale - This golden ale is hopped with Kent First Gold, Yakima Valley Cascade from the USA and Hallertauer Perle hops from Germany which impart a citrus, spicy and floral finish to this summer ale. ABV 3.8%.

Brewed in September to celebrate the hop harvest, this best bitter is hopped with undried green hops from the National Trust’s hop garden at Scotney Castle. A mild tasting, mid gold best bitter, it has a wonderful sappy flavour of the undried green hops.  ABV 4%

Strong Ale - Brewed to the 1938 strength and using the same ingredients as the original best selling bottled beer of the Black Eagle Brewery. Made with pale and crystal malts and huge charge of Kent Goldings hops. ABV 6.2%.

A beautifully delicate but hoppy helles style lager. Hopped with German Hallertau Tradition and lagered a minimum of 4 weeks.  ABV 4.8%

Endeavour is a new wonderfully citrusy hop that is creating a lot of interest and excitement. Hop flavours are blackcurrant, loganberry and grapefruit.  ABV 4.5%

Caramel flavours, honey aroma with a spicy tail. - ABV 4%

Thirst quenching bitterness with passion fruit, citrus, pineapple and gooseberry notes. All the flavour of an IPA – but you can have a few!  ABV 3.7%

Refreshing bitterness with bundles of citrus, mango and passionfruit flavours.  ABV 3.7%

Extra pale malts and a massive dose of citrusy and zesty hops work together to create a low strength, high flavour session beer to be quaffed at any time of the day or night.  ABV 3.3%

Two of the very best American hops come together in this fruity pale ale – expect hints of citrus, orange, lime, mango, tropical fruit.  ABV 4.7%

Full of hops from the USA, New Zealand and Australia, this is an amber coloured modern ale with fruit and floral flavours and a crisp bitterness.  ABV 4.9%

Our new IPA! A light, crackery malt base with rotating each time it's brewed. This brew will have Citra and Chinook.  ABV 5%

Juicy and fruity session New England pale. Plenty of big hop aroma, low on bitterness, smooth to drink, great session drink.  ABV 3.8%

Our 2019 reworking of our Best Bitter! We have slightly altered the recipe and rejigged the hop regime slightly to make our Best Bitter even Bester.  ABV 4.1%

A subtle blend of Kentish Pears go into this MEDIUM still pear cider. ABV 6%. 

Bursting with the taste of freshly pressed RHUBARB juice. Handcrafted with English Apples from Orchards near Faversham, Kent. ABV 5%

Medium dry sparkling craft Cider made with 100% Kent apples. ABV 5.5%

Perfect combination of crisp apple with sweet caramel and demerara sugar gives this traditional cider a contemporary twist. ABV 5.5%

A subtle blend of Mango go into this MEDIUM still cider.

A medium sweet apple cider, blended with elderflower for a floral finish ; a perfectly balanced and refreshing combination. ABV 5.5%

For those with a sweet tooth! Early sweet apple cider, lightly infused with warming spices from around the globe : fresh ginger, cinnamon, star anise and clove.  ABV 5%

Produced just in time for the Faversham Hop Festival every year, this unique and delicious cider is produced in limited quan- tities using local Green Challenger Hops for a fresh, fragrant, green hop infusion with the pollen adding a distinct sweet note.  ABV 6%

Highly anticipated every year : sweet, light and fruity, apple cider blended with 100% real strawberry juice only! Something special. ABV 5%

Kentish Commice and Conference pear cider infused with wild Nettles sycthed from right underneath the Pear trees. Something different - gives our pear cider a peachier note.  ABV 4%

Cloudy cider : Kentish style! Take a clear, still, filtered, finished apple cider and blend with fresh pressed cloudy cox apple juice. This medium sweet apple cider packs a fruity punch all whilst appealing to cloudy cider drinkers. Juicy! ABV 4.2%

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A passionate cocktail of fresh ripe strawberries with red fruit flavours from French Barbe Rouge hops.  ABV 4.9%

An explosive aroma of taste of Key limes in a deliciously fruity and creamy IPA.  ABV 5.3%

A full-on dose of Golding and Fuggles hops for a taste of historic Kent.  ABV 4.1%

A refreshing beer to soothe the effects of this searing heat.  Lemon Scream is a blast of the freshest, juiciest lemons and citrus hops to quench any thirst.  ABV 4.7%

A mouth-watering taste of the tropics in a hotbed of fruity and citrusy hops.  ABV 4.9%

A light and hoppy session beer with hints of citrus and elderflower.  ABV 3.7%

A refreshing golden beer, combining British and American hop varieties.  ABV 4%

Brewed using the classic combination of English Fuggles and Goldings hops, this has all the qualities of a fine session ale.  ABV 3.8%

The latest beer in our range, this is a powerfully hopped, American-style session IPA.  Big, juicy hop flavours with a bold tropical-fruit aroma.  ABV 5%

Blonde - To Kotch: London slang; To chill out, relax, enjoy doing nothing in particular. This is the perfect beer for doing just that. A hoppy blonde ale brewed with Cascade hops to give it a citrus aroma. ABV 3.9%.

A pale ale brewed using Marynka hops from Poland. Hints of apricot on the nose combine with a hoppy, citrussy finish, to have you longing for more nektar. ABV 4.5%

This IPA uses hops from USA & New Zealand, including Comet, Waimea and Motueka. Tons of dry hopping give it a great tropical fruit nose. ABV 5%

Pale Ale - Some say this has Columbus and Cascade hops in it and is brewed by a girl wearing high heel wellies.......! All we know is this is a hoppy, quaffable pale ale brewed in the Heart of Surrey. ABV 3.8%.

India Pale Ale - Some say we use 7 different hops, boiled for 90 minutes with 18 hop additions and is brewed by a girl who cannot smell the colour purple.....! ABV 4.9%.

A limited edition of Oxted Brewery's single hop pale ale series utilising Summit Gold hops. Notes of orange and pink grapefruit present well in this beautiful golden coloured beer. Plenty of bitterness and a dry finish.  ABV 3.8%

Pale Ale - A dry bitterness cleverly balanced by a stunning sweetness of vanilla and peach. ABV 4.1%

American Pale Ale - Session strength PASSIONFRUIT APA! ABV 4.4%

Citra, Cascade and Centennial hopped pale ale with a twist of Summer. ABV 4.2%

Imperial Stout - A rare and complex double mashed Imperial Stout. Hints of chocolate, woodsmoke and well aged brandy.  A coming together of richness and softness in perfect harmony. ABV 10.0%

A rich flavoured APA with sweet malt character giving way to mango and sweet pine bitterness derived from a blend of Falconers' Flight and Williamette hops. ABV 5%

Our flagship bitter, first brewed in 1982. Progress is brewed with the finest British malts to give a rich bitter-sweet ale and is well complimented with a blend of British, American and Slovenian hop additions. Progress is made with Pioneer and Whitbread Goldings hops: Marris Otter, Crystal, Chocolate and Roast Barley. ABV 4%

A vibrant golden ale, light on the palate yet full of flavour. Made with a mix of hops from America, New Zealand and the Czech Republic producing a wonderful modern taste and aroma. Quest is made with Motueka, Cascade & Styrian Goldings hops; Maris Otter, Crystal & Wheat. 4.3%.

A modern twist on a classic ale. Columbus, Amarillo and Styrian Wolf hops give a clean, crisp bitterness and a hoppy, fruity flavour. These New World hops produce prominent and complex tropical fruit aromas, notes of sherbet, orange and passionfruit. ABV 3.9%

A well rounded session pale ale, with a malty flavour. First made in 1983 this is one of the first and most popular Pilgrim Ales and is one of the heritage range. Surrey is made with Whitbread Golding and Styrian Golding hops; Maris Otter and Crystal malt. ABV 3.7%

Golden Ale - Brightwater's flagship golden ale. A popular golden ale with a bitter sweet aftertaste. ABV 4%.

Pale ale with a sweet, hoppy mandarin character.  ABV 4.2%

A creamy mango infused pale ale.  ABV 5%

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